Join the artists in residence community

We bring artists into schools to raise the profile of the creative arts in the areas that need it the most. You can help by donating directly to AiR. Donate via CAF

Are you an ARTIST or creative practitioner?

Change the lives of pupils by committing to spending a day in a London school, which we hope will lead to a longer term partnership.

Directly impact pupil wellbeing and outcomes in disadvantaged schools, by providing learners with a more rounded curriculum, and raising pupil aspirations for careers in creative industries.

Join a community of distinguished artists from a variety of professions within the creative sector, to inspire and support the next generation of artists.

Raise awareness for an important cause by making an impact in communities and advocating arts in education.

Expand your portfolio by engaging with a new professional challenge, and building your public and media profile.


Are you a SCHOOL?

Provide opportunities for pupils to benefit from the academic and holistic advantages of a more rounded curriculum.

Expose pupils to new skills and opportunities in the arts, and the social and cognitive effects of engaging in arts activities.

Provide opportunities for students to progress into arts careers and build professional networks in the arts sector.

Raise the public profile of the school and contribute to a movement to promote arts subjects in schools.

Promoting Creativity
in Schools

Our programme aims to increase pupil wellbeing and outcomes in schools by providing learners with a more rounded curriculum that promotes arts education. In doing so, we hope to raise pupil aspirations for employment in creative industries, increase pupil life opportunities and satisfaction, prepare pupils for the jobs of the future, and create increased public awareness and engagement in arts education.

The 2018 Global Teacher Prize winner, Andria Zafirakou, is launching a new initiative to promote creativity in schools

“In recent times, there has been a decline in children choosing to study arts at GCSE, or enter into the workplace in an arts based job. Artists in Residence brings prestigious artists into schools and enables students to vision an exciting world they can be part of. This programme is not just about celebrities performing inspirational speeches; it is about real exposure to inspirational experiences, lasting creative relationships, and inspiring children to start a journey into artistic industries.”