Winners of the Brent Design Awards

Winners of the Brent Design Awards!

The team holding the Brent design award


We are absolutely thrilled to share the exciting news that we’ve won the Brent Design Award for our outstanding Artists in Residence’s public art programme in collaboration with Brent Council. It was an incredible moment for us when we attended the award ceremony and proudly accepted this well-deserved recognition. 🏆

Our partnership with Rubie Charalambous of Brent Council has been instrumental in creating a visionary approach to revitalising town centres through the transformative power of art and culture. What started as a brilliant concept in Wembley has now become a resounding success story, expanding to other town centres across Brent.

BDA commented:

“Design-based programming has transformed these three town centres. These once dull and grey town centres are now vibrant, welcoming destinations where families, friends and people of all ages and backgrounds can come together to experience and enjoy art.”

We owe this success to the incredible talent and dedication of our team of artists who brought this vision to life. Their unwavering commitment and artistic prowess have infused these town centres with creativity and beauty. We thank each of them:

  • Positive Arts

  • Nathan Evans

  • Jane Smith

  • Omni Colour

  • Bud Studio

  • Andrew Hammond

It is through their exceptional contributions that we have been able to make a lasting impact on our communities. Their artworks have become beacons of inspiration, fostering a sense of unity and pride among the residents of Brent.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to the Brent Design Awards for recognising the importance of our public art programme. This award serves as a testament to the profound influence that art can have in transforming and enriching our surroundings.

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