Wembley Art Trail

The most compelling reason why street art is an essential part of our borough is that it represents freedom and creativity. Art allows us to communicate our ideas, express our emotions, and connect with others effectively. The presence of street art can be seen as an indication of an active, free, and creative community that values the voice of its citizens and promotes their expression. In addition to promoting diversity, street art also enriches locations by revealing and representing the different groups that make up a community.

We’re working with Rubie Charalambous of Brent Council to create a vision for revitalising town centers through the use of art and culture. The concept was successfully introduced in Wembley and is now being rolled out to other parts of Brent.

We invite you to explore the details of the art we have created across Brent below.


Jayaben Desai

A mural was requested by Brent Council to cover up a wall that was covered in paan spit. The lady in the mural is local hero Jayaben Desai. Jayaben Desai (2 April 1933 – 23 December 2010) was a prominent leader of the strikers in the Grunwick dispute in London in 1976. More on this mural here.

Strong Women Of Brent

The mural concept was created by students in the local area. Nathan Evans completed the mural, which has been very well received by the community. The mural is situated at 412 Wembley High Road. This colourful mural is a celebration of the women of Brent. The goal was to create an eye catching public realm artwork that would empower all women in the local community.

Brent Indian Association

Artwork has been added to the Brent Indian Association on Ealing Road. Artwork depicts a variety of animals and figures celebrating Indian culture and Ealing Road’s vibrancy.

Hoarding Gallery

Wembley Outdoor Gallery

Students from 7 local schools were asked to produce artwork of what they thought Wembley would look like in 20 years time. From the 600 entries 48 were voted as favourites by the public and appear in this outdoor gallery

Colourful crossings

Wembley Colourful Crossings

The talented students of Alperton Community School worked with us to redesign two of their local pedestrian crossings. They took inspiration from peacock feathers and the colours of the area. Here are the finished crossings on Ealing road in Wembley!

Green Space

St Johns Road

We have worked on brightening the area and applying greenery to the buildings. St Johns road has been made less traffic-dominated and more welcoming with the introduction of the green street and seating areas.

shop shutters

Shop Shutter Art

When a shop closes its shutters at night, what happens? The shutter art enables shop owners to promote what they sell after opening hours to passersby. In Brent, our shutter art has proven popular, and we’ve collaborated with a number of artists to produce it.


Ealing Road